Cord Shorts, H&M/Vest, Topshop/Boots, Henry Holland/Kimono, River Island/Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters.

I’m sorry for the hiatus – now that was completely unintentional – but you can put it down to a week in Birmingham, a weekend to Brighton, and my computer deciding to cop-out when I finally got back. But all this simply means that a) I’m up and working with this grumpy laptop and b) I’ve got stacks of pictures just waiting to be made into posts. So forgive me everyone!


But what I wanted to discuss today is the concept of fallback outfits. You know, you’re too lazy to actually experiment today, or you’re in a rush, or you just know about that one thing that makes you feel good, whether it’s your favourite jeans, those ankle boots, or that perfect white button-down. (Psst, I favour all as good solutions.)

But recently my (rather flighty) attention has changed. It’s turned towards outerwear: somehow over this past summer I’ve managed to pick up 2 kimonos, 1 army jacket and my newest darling is an embroidered velvet jacket. Who knows you’re being lazy when you have this beautiful centrepiece hiding the rest of the clothes?   


  1. Love your outfit, so stylish! Please take a look and follow my style blog! charnellegeraldine.wordpress.com 🙂

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