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Awesome trousers with swans, Primark/jumper, H&M/boots, Topshop/bag, Asos.

I’ve been both that crazy girl who wears heels to the supermarket (what? Sometimes they make me feel really, dangerously good) and that bum who wears pyjamas all day. So I think my range of effort at getting dressed can be safely measured as ‘varied’, but some days, some days there’s just no hope. The minute you get out of bed you know it should be over already so you can get back in. And other days? I’m lazy. That’s no secret, and like I explained in the original fallbacks post I’m pretty sure most people are too. I’ve built up a steady collection of what I call ‘fallbacks’, those lovely, dependable outfits you can just reach for and feel good about. Kind of like that boy next door you’ve been checking out.




Coat-dress, vintage/knit t-shirt, Forever 21/(barely visible) shorts, Zara/bag, Primark/sandals, Topshop.

I have never liked dresses. Maybe this was some sort of resultant hatred from my mum putting me in flouncy floral things when I was young (which led me onto a tomboy phase that’s still hanging around today), but nowadays I realise that mostly because it’s just hard to find good dresses that, quite simply, fit.

Anyone who’s ever had that experience of the elastic waistband somewhere around your knees and the sagging dress around your front making you look pregnant will know what I mean. I cringe when I hear the words ‘drop waist’. Truly they are enemies of the short.

But you can get around it. Say hi to vintage, say hi to a seamstress (hi, Mama Wong!) and maybe sometimes forget the waistband altogether. And KISS. Keep it short, stupid.



stareCollared shirt, Topshop/shorts, vintage/jumper, H&M/bag, Topshop/sandals, Primark.

The last vestiges of sunshine hanging around made me all the more nostalgic for the early summer. The kind of weather which makes you gleefully whip out those white shorts which are superbly impractical for any other kind of temperature. The kind of weather which inspires outings specifically for supreme gluttony. Which really, is the only excuse for stomach-bursting, no-more-I-surrender, piles and piles of ice cream.

Don’t believe me?

proportionsThis is my face in rough proportion to the sundae. And this amazing, Ferrero Rocher studded monstrosity is brought to you by:

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Leather skirt, Zara/Vest and shoes, Topshop/Cardigan, H&M/Bag, Primark.

Leather in summer. I don’t know how exactly but seemingly everyone does it, and I don’t know their secret. How do you stay cool? How do you not look overdressed? One of my friends wears leather everywhere, anytime, and (of course) she looks cool as hell. So I made it my mission near this ending summer to wear my beautiful leather skirt out just once in the day time. And you know what? I felt as cool as hell.





So these frame apps are pretty addictive… Just bits and bobs from my photo gallery and also filched a few from my Instagram too. The last shot is from inside the new library set up in Birmingham where they’ve set up a ‘post a secret’ system, allowing anyone in the library to write a little (or massive) secret of theirs, slip it into a book and let someone find your bit of honesty. BeautifulĀ andĀ ingenious, it just reaffirms what I’ve known all my life: libraries are cool!

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