The Weekend Fling

brightonbeachblurrybrightonpavillions green tea ice cream respect the sea

scary tonkatsudonbeach

Brighton has always been place of great familiarity and comfort to me, if only because it houses my best friend; so in a way I’ve come to think of it as a second home. A second home in the way that you only half-know and still need your nearest and dearest to guide you around, because you know it’s down this street, but er, oops, maybe not. But close enough.

Sneaking weekends away to see friends has always been one of my favourite things to do, from the moment of planning (travel outfit, evening outfit, lounge-around-from-bed-to-beach outfit) to the sneaky feeling of a little holiday, the glee when you plan with your friend how to absolutely maximise your time together, wind up lying sleepily in bed till 11:30 am, staying awake till 4 am. Love you, T!

(And psst, you can see my aforementioned new jacket from the last post in the selfies!)

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