The Second Sin


stareCollared shirt, Topshop/shorts, vintage/jumper, H&M/bag, Topshop/sandals, Primark.

The last vestiges of sunshine hanging around made me all the more nostalgic for the early summer. The kind of weather which makes you gleefully whip out those white shorts which are superbly impractical for any other kind of temperature. The kind of weather which inspires outings specifically for supreme gluttony. Which really, is the only excuse for stomach-bursting, no-more-I-surrender, piles and piles of ice cream.

Don’t believe me?

proportionsThis is my face in rough proportion to the sundae. And this amazing, Ferrero Rocher studded monstrosity is brought to you by:

fingersI couldn’t finish mine. But because my boyfriend is a monster himself in terms of appetite he not only finished his ice cream but also a milkshake. Now that’s what you call power.

it begins

demolished - Copy

And everyone loves a selfie.




What's cookin', good lookin'?

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