Playing at Dress-Up


Coat-dress, vintage/knit t-shirt, Forever 21/(barely visible) shorts, Zara/bag, Primark/sandals, Topshop.

I have never liked dresses. Maybe this was some sort of resultant hatred from my mum putting me in flouncy floral things when I was young (which led me onto a tomboy phase that’s still hanging around today), but nowadays I realise that mostly because it’s just hard to find good dresses that, quite simply, fit.

Anyone who’s ever had that experience of the elastic waistband somewhere around your knees and the sagging dress around your front making you look pregnant will know what I mean. I cringe when I hear the words ‘drop waist’. Truly they are enemies of the short.

But you can get around it. Say hi to vintage, say hi to a seamstress (hi, Mama Wong!) and maybe sometimes forget the waistband altogether. And KISS. Keep it short, stupid.


    • I thought so. I bet your biggest problem is choosing which one to wear in the morning.

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