Fallbacks – Swan Edition



Awesome trousers with swans, Primark/jumper, H&M/boots, Topshop/bag, Asos.

I’ve been both that crazy girl who wears heels to the supermarket (what? Sometimes they make me feel really, dangerously good) and that bum who wears pyjamas all day. So I think my range of effort at getting dressed can be safely measured as ‘varied’, but some days, some days there’s just no hope. The minute you get out of bed you know it should be over already so you can get back in. And other days? I’m lazy. That’s no secret, and like I explained in the original fallbacks post I’m pretty sure most people are too. I’ve built up a steady collection of what I call ‘fallbacks’, those lovely, dependable outfits you can just reach for and feel good about. Kind of like that boy next door you’ve been checking out.


What's cookin', good lookin'?

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