Once upon a time we all got posed that question of ‘desert island item’. And most of us agonised over those key three items – mascara, lipstick, or foundation?

Not me. I knew from the beginning that I needed that eyeliner, and I would need it always.

Although I’ve experimented over the (whole grand total of 22) years, I’ve never really managed to deviate from the good old cat-flick. So really whenever I have a ‘new’ look it’s kind of me just building off the eyeliner.

Revlon color stay liquid eye pen, 01 Blackest Black/Collection 2000 dazzling gel liner, 3 Funk & 1 Glitz/Lancôme L’absolu rouge lipstick.

Case in point: I bought glitter eyeliner.
And though this was probably best left for those still in their tweens, I kind of find it has a certain charm. Or sparkle. (I’m so sorry for that pun. Sort of.) So here’s the 2 looks I’ve been sporting lately – and if you up to it, you can even layer the two glitter eyeliners on top of each other to create some facial glitterball that’ll blind everyone’s eyes but your own. In a good way, of course.

    • Thank you so much! It’s all due to the make up though, I definitely couldn’t look that way without it!

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