Jumper, Primark.

Being the shortass that I am, the normal proportions of my outfit goes something like this: oversized top, tiny/tight bottoms, all in an effort to make myself look like I have the standard amount of leg ratio to body. Sometimes this ends up a little skanky (short shorts are great, but even I can admit the fact they don’t reek of sophistication).

Being winter too, means I unconsciously give myself a free-for-all to go mental on the knits. Particularly oversized ones. This means if you any urge to find yourself swimming in a jumper you can find my wardrobe and satisfy all desires. That camel, off-shoulder piece? There. That cream, open-knit tasselled affair? There. That boxy, pale pink Whistles (thanks Mama!) beauty? There.

So this season I’m working against myself. There will be oversized jumpers, for sure (you can’t quit cold turkey) but I’m going to be looking for a few cropped warmers. Starting with this one above.

Now I just have to combine them with these…

imageSandals, Zara. Also totally excellent books that are on display.


What's cookin', good lookin'?

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