Winter Gauge

photo 4photo 2

Coat, Topshop/Jumper, H&M/Shorts, Primark/Shoes, Urban Outfitters.

I probably look like this about 40% of the time, with just a variation on what kind of shorts or jumper I’ll fish out that morning depending on the day. I also have a system where I step outside into the garden for like 2 seconds to try and gauge if a) I need a coat and then b) what is the flimsiest coat/jacket I can get away with. This is actually the thickest coat in my arsenal. Long gone are those days were I could just make it through winter with 2 cardigans… sob.

  photo 5

Mmm, crispy hair ends. Thank God I got a haircut.

pose 2

classic heart sign

1 comment
  1. Keki said:

    Cute outfit!! I still dunno how you survived winter without a warm jacket, scarf and gloves…

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