IMG_2298Flared jeans, Topshop/crochet top, Topshop/coat, Topshop/hat (pictured below), Primark/Sandals, Primark/woolly socks, ‘vintage’ (Mama Wong bought them).

IMG_2306Oh god, #duckface.

You know what I mean when I say ‘Sunday outfit’ right? Sundays invoke those lazy days of late mornings, brunch (because breakfast is a late affair too), and most definitely casual dressing. I don’t want to be a loser and wax lyrical about jeans but damn these flares are soft like butter. I could sleep on them like a pillow; they feel like a baby blanket when you wear them. A denim swaddling, you could say.

I was also extra naughty and wore woolly socks (not those fashion ones) with sandals because my feet were cold. Cool cat that I am.

IMG_2316 ‘Crochet crop top’ sounds like a tongue twister if you say it fast enough.

IMG_2320 Patented dork face.

IMG_2326Hiding it. Justly so.




photo 4photo 2

Coat, Topshop/Jumper, H&M/Shorts, Primark/Shoes, Urban Outfitters.

I probably look like this about 40% of the time, with just a variation on what kind of shorts or jumper I’ll fish out that morning depending on the day. I also have a system where I step outside into the garden for like 2 seconds to try and gauge if a) I need a coat and then b) what is the flimsiest coat/jacket I can get away with. This is actually the thickest coat in my arsenal. Long gone are those days were I could just make it through winter with 2 cardigans… sob.

  photo 5

Mmm, crispy hair ends. Thank God I got a haircut.

pose 2

classic heart sign



Awesome trousers with swans, Primark/jumper, H&M/boots, Topshop/bag, Asos.

I’ve been both that crazy girl who wears heels to the supermarket (what? Sometimes they make me feel really, dangerously good) and that bum who wears pyjamas all day. So I think my range of effort at getting dressed can be safely measured as ‘varied’, but some days, some days there’s just no hope. The minute you get out of bed you know it should be over already so you can get back in. And other days? I’m lazy. That’s no secret, and like I explained in the original fallbacks post I’m pretty sure most people are too. I’ve built up a steady collection of what I call ‘fallbacks’, those lovely, dependable outfits you can just reach for and feel good about. Kind of like that boy next door you’ve been checking out.



Cord Shorts, H&M/Vest, Topshop/Boots, Henry Holland/Kimono, River Island/Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters.

I’m sorry for the hiatus – now that was completely unintentional – but you can put it down to a week in Birmingham, a weekend to Brighton, and my computer deciding to cop-out when I finally got back. But all this simply means that a) I’m up and working with this grumpy laptop and b) I’ve got stacks of pictures just waiting to be made into posts. So forgive me everyone!


But what I wanted to discuss today is the concept of fallback outfits. You know, you’re too lazy to actually experiment today, or you’re in a rush, or you just know about that one thing that makes you feel good, whether it’s your favourite jeans, those ankle boots, or that perfect white button-down. (Psst, I favour all as good solutions.)

But recently my (rather flighty) attention has changed. It’s turned towards outerwear: somehow over this past summer I’ve managed to pick up 2 kimonos, 1 army jacket and my newest darling is an embroidered velvet jacket. Who knows you’re being lazy when you have this beautiful centrepiece hiding the rest of the clothes?   


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