IMG_2264 I didn’t have the coffee. But it’s pwetty.

IMG_2295Eggs Benedict. All you need to start the day, really.



…to apologise? Here, have some food, you might be less angry. Delicious bibimbap to calm one’s nerves.

I am sorry. Truly sorry. The kind of sorry where the puppy-dog eyes are brought out, because honestly there’s been no excuse for so long with an update… or is there? Job interviews, work, parental birthdays, writing articles on LoveScene Magazine,  Masterchef Professionals (It’s like crack. Or live sport.) or having fun (that old chestnut)… No. No excuse at all.

So accept my whimpering apologies, and feast your eyes on the visual excuses instead.

cakeChocolate and Raspery Tentatation from Maison Blanc

winter lips Winter berry lips.

photo 1

A view down Birmingham centre, readying for Christmas.


Chocolate brown nails. Not evoking the food metaphor with all the make up at all, huh?


Proving that rainy days are good for something.

candyfloss christmasCandyfloss to celebrate the Christmas lights turning on this year. Mmm… cavities.


stareCollared shirt, Topshop/shorts, vintage/jumper, H&M/bag, Topshop/sandals, Primark.

The last vestiges of sunshine hanging around made me all the more nostalgic for the early summer. The kind of weather which makes you gleefully whip out those white shorts which are superbly impractical for any other kind of temperature. The kind of weather which inspires outings specifically for supreme gluttony. Which really, is the only excuse for stomach-bursting, no-more-I-surrender, piles and piles of ice cream.

Don’t believe me?

proportionsThis is my face in rough proportion to the sundae. And this amazing, Ferrero Rocher studded monstrosity is brought to you by:

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So these frame apps are pretty addictive… Just bits and bobs from my photo gallery and also filched a few from my Instagram too. The last shot is from inside the new library set up in Birmingham where they’ve set up a ‘post a secret’ system, allowing anyone in the library to write a little (or massive) secret of theirs, slip it into a book and let someone find your bit of honesty. Beautiful and ingenious, it just reaffirms what I’ve known all my life: libraries are cool!

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