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You see that colour on the right end there? The one where if you have dark hair, they simply show a mysterious blank space where Error and Danger lives? The Unknown.

This is kind of relevant because I’ve spent the last 3 years wanting to go blonde. Can you blame me for wanting something like this?

ayano sasaki blonde Ayano Sasaki Webstagram

 In my world this is kind of a Big Deal because my hair is kind of like crazy dark and Chinese and it’s a big commitment. Everyone’s reaction so far has been:

a) Why?

b) Why would you want to do that?

c) I think it’d look hot! (Thank you Sarah, my one staunch supporter…!)

d) WHY? (This last one is from my boyfriend, complete with hand gestures and tears running down his face. He likes brunettes.)

To be fair: I’ve actually found out what happens if you dye your crazy dark Asian hair with blonde box dye: you go a pretty funny ginger (even if you buy the ash-toned one), and a) you either put up with it long enough for it to settle into a vaguely light brunette or b) you cry and run screaming into the nearest hairdresser’s for some toner.

I’ve done both. (Guess which is cheaper though.)

I’ve played enough with you, box dyes. And I’ve flirted with you, dip-dye. I’m ready for some commitment.

It’s going to be a while before I can haul ass to the hairdresser’s though for money reasons, so if anyone can tell me, I’d love to know if:

a) can I get blonde and keep blonde with mixing your own toner and bleach

b) because I’m not crazy hardcore on the topping on roots I’m going to make like Ayano Sasaki up top there and blend it in with my normal hair – do you need skillz for this?

ayano sasaki blonde

If anyone has the answers, please let me know! Serious love for you all.

P.S.: My boyfriend has now been trained to only sniffle a little bit at the mention of my going blonde now. Trained.


I’m considering starting a mini-series on this blog called #londonadventures, in which I take pictures of weird and wonderful things (when I remember to) and detail my many, many shopping exploits. This time it was Shoreditch, land of the hip. My friend lives there (much jel abound) so hopefully one day I’ll be able to live in London by just sleeping underneath his bed – er, I mean, visit there more often. Totally what I mean.

IMG_2095 copy

And Hipsterland begins.




Yeah, I like food, okay?


Trinkets. Among which lies treasure… if you can be bothered to sift.


This greets you when you walk into the store.


It’s a tartan wet dream.


It’s a… wait, bad idea to make any furry jokes.


Old cinema seats, over which hangs a leopard print coat and tons of shoes lie beneath. This is like the vintage version of Barbie’s Dream House. Or just my dream house.


This could be modern art if it wasn’t so damn creepy. I’d name it ‘Plastic Poison’. Lone Clown in gazing off in distance optional.


So when I get my dream house, I’m also going to fill it with tons of vintage things that I can do absolutely nothing with but will look fucking great: i.e: typewriters, globes, sewing machines à la All Saints.


Fake porcelain dog to replace the dog-shaped hole in your soul. Now only if it was a cat…


My only purchase of the day. To be fair it was The Next Morning and I was feeling particularly delicate… Anyway these are my fake-made-real glasses, you can buy frames for like £4 and take them to the opticians to get prescriptive lenses put in for True!Hipster fun. Though let’s not lie, if was a real hipster they would be Ray Bans. Word.


Everyone gets girl crushes. Right? Though I’m bad to the point that when I check someone out on the street my boyfriend knows that 99% of the time it’s just me staring at some girl’s shoes and ignores me being all creepy.

More than that, girl crushes are so crucial for getting you out of a funk. So this winter I will do my utmost to not revert back to penny loafers, too much black and navy, peter pan shirts – i.e.: channelling Alexa Chung, AKA ‘Chunging It’, AKA excellent style but taking it easy – and try to channel Alisa Ueno instead. Even if it is winter. And she is wearing a bikini in one of the pictures.



 (All images from


Jumper, Primark.

Being the shortass that I am, the normal proportions of my outfit goes something like this: oversized top, tiny/tight bottoms, all in an effort to make myself look like I have the standard amount of leg ratio to body. Sometimes this ends up a little skanky (short shorts are great, but even I can admit the fact they don’t reek of sophistication).

Being winter too, means I unconsciously give myself a free-for-all to go mental on the knits. Particularly oversized ones. This means if you any urge to find yourself swimming in a jumper you can find my wardrobe and satisfy all desires. That camel, off-shoulder piece? There. That cream, open-knit tasselled affair? There. That boxy, pale pink Whistles (thanks Mama!) beauty? There.

So this season I’m working against myself. There will be oversized jumpers, for sure (you can’t quit cold turkey) but I’m going to be looking for a few cropped warmers. Starting with this one above.

Now I just have to combine them with these…

imageSandals, Zara. Also totally excellent books that are on display.


Pictures from Pintrest.

She’s been around for a while now, so I don’t know if she still counts as ‘new’, but her personal style just continues to inspire me in different directions. The 60s vibe is still visible (from all the Louis Vuitton checkered prints right down to the Bump-its in people’s beehives)  but I like the London take on it that Suki carries. And this may be fashion heresy (who knows if I’ll be struck down) but personally Suki > Cara Delevingne. And mayhaps (gasp) even Kate Moss.

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