I’m considering starting a mini-series on this blog called #londonadventures, in which I take pictures of weird and wonderful things (when I remember to) and detail my many, many shopping exploits. This time it was Shoreditch, land of the hip. My friend lives there (much jel abound) so hopefully one day I’ll be able to live in London by just sleeping underneath his bed – er, I mean, visit there more often. Totally what I mean.

IMG_2095 copy

And Hipsterland begins.




Yeah, I like food, okay?


Trinkets. Among which lies treasure… if you can be bothered to sift.


This greets you when you walk into the store.


It’s a tartan wet dream.


It’s a… wait, bad idea to make any furry jokes.


Old cinema seats, over which hangs a leopard print coat and tons of shoes lie beneath. This is like the vintage version of Barbie’s Dream House. Or just my dream house.


This could be modern art if it wasn’t so damn creepy. I’d name it ‘Plastic Poison’. Lone Clown in gazing off in distance optional.


So when I get my dream house, I’m also going to fill it with tons of vintage things that I can do absolutely nothing with but will look fucking great: i.e: typewriters, globes, sewing machines à la All Saints.


Fake porcelain dog to replace the dog-shaped hole in your soul. Now only if it was a cat…


My only purchase of the day. To be fair it was The Next Morning and I was feeling particularly delicate… Anyway these are my fake-made-real glasses, you can buy frames for like £4 and take them to the opticians to get prescriptive lenses put in for True!Hipster fun. Though let’s not lie, if was a real hipster they would be Ray Bans. Word.



…to apologise? Here, have some food, you might be less angry. Delicious bibimbap to calm one’s nerves.

I am sorry. Truly sorry. The kind of sorry where the puppy-dog eyes are brought out, because honestly there’s been no excuse for so long with an update… or is there? Job interviews, work, parental birthdays, writing articles on LoveScene Magazine,  Masterchef Professionals (It’s like crack. Or live sport.) or having fun (that old chestnut)… No. No excuse at all.

So accept my whimpering apologies, and feast your eyes on the visual excuses instead.

cakeChocolate and Raspery Tentatation from Maison Blanc

winter lips Winter berry lips.

photo 1

A view down Birmingham centre, readying for Christmas.


Chocolate brown nails. Not evoking the food metaphor with all the make up at all, huh?


Proving that rainy days are good for something.

candyfloss christmasCandyfloss to celebrate the Christmas lights turning on this year. Mmm… cavities.





So these frame apps are pretty addictive… Just bits and bobs from my photo gallery and also filched a few from my Instagram too. The last shot is from inside the new library set up in Birmingham where they’ve set up a ‘post a secret’ system, allowing anyone in the library to write a little (or massive) secret of theirs, slip it into a book and let someone find your bit of honesty. Beautiful and ingenious, it just reaffirms what I’ve known all my life: libraries are cool!

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